What is Flexographic Printing and What is it used for?

Flexographic printing is a popular method of printing used for engraving packaging materials at very high speeds. It applies to a plethora of products such as corrugated containers, plastics, wrappers for candy, milk or beverage cartons, paper sacks, fabric, metallic films and cellophane among others. It isn’t necessarily a new tech since it has improved over the years to the top notch efficient technologies used in flexography today. Unlike thermal digital printers, flexography uses quick-drying less viscous inks for digital printing.

How does it Work

Flexography is relevant in manufacturing and process industries in packaging or product labeling where large orders need to be terminated in tight schedules. Flexographic printing makes use of flexible photopolymer printing plates rolled around cylinders on a web press. The plates are inked and set to rotate at high speeds with the desired engravings raised slightly to transfer the image to the substrate. The substrate usually passes through a series of units, each with a single color. Up to four primary ink colors can be overlaid in the series of units to provide the integrated tones and shadings in the wrappers. It only works well in printing continuous patterns such as product wrappers because there is need to minimize interruptions for large scale production in a short period.

Why is Flexography Preferred?

Flexographic presses can produce top quality impressions on several substrates cheaply hence its wide usage in decoration and package printing. Flexography is mainly gaining ground due to its simple operation process and adaptability to the water based inks. Water based inks are known to reduce VOC or toxic emissions, making flexography a more eco-friendly process than the other forms of printing.

Designs in Flexographic Printing

Just like the other printing techniques flexography has its designs and format styles. They are in the form of templates, drop shadows, fonts, ink shades, tones, image resolutions, and formats. When printing on the uncoated newsprint, corrugated coated paper, and polyester film, the sans serif font is applicable with a size ranging from 4point to 10point. The font type or template varies according to the substrate types.

New Trends in Flexography

Today the field of flexography has been revolutionized by technology to adapt high-quality flexo printing. The process is referred to as HD Flexo printing, and it applies in the making of digital flexographic plates. They are much more improved than the contemporary standard plates hence are of higher quality and more consistent in printing. Another bright side to it is that there is no need of scrapping off the current equipment and methods of operation. It is just an upgrade in the production process.

HD Flexo has bridged the gap between flexo and gravure printing bringing about consistent, vibrant colors and better print quality. It has given flexography a competitive advantage in the printing industry. If you visit the FlexStor website, they may be able to provide you with more information.

The Basics of the Office Laser Printer

Laser printers are found everywhere from homes to libraries and every other workplace in between. The machines work using laser beams and drum cylinders to produce high-quality prints, which include color images and black-and-white documents. Know the basic technical details about these printers before you make a purchase. Read common facts about the office laser printer and why it is so useful to your work life.


Speed is determined by the type of printer model and the complexity of the print job. The fastest laser printers, costing in the thousand-dollar range, print up to 10,000 pages an hour and are used by professional printers.


The prices for laser printers have decreased in the last few decades. The first models weighed more than 50 pounds, cost as high as $4,000 and produced only small, monochrome prints. Today, advanced printing technologies have made it easier to create laser printers on massive scales.

The cost of the printer depends on the print intensity because printing color graphics requires more energy than printing plain documents. Another factor is the frequency of usage or how many prints you plan to make every day or so. Also, consider the amount of paper you use and the cost of toner. Printers that allow duplex printing are likely to cut the costs of buying paper and toner. Duplex printers are slower and not found in all models.

Most office models are found in the range of $100 to $200, including the all-in-one models. Portable printers are found in similar cost ranges with the higher-end models costing up to $400. Overall, the costs are affordable and bring high returns on investment since most printers last for decades.


Buying used laser printers is not an issue because most models are long lasting. However, buying new is recommended because the features are more advanced in speed, print quality and efficiency. Many parts of this printer are easily replaceable from the toner to the fusers and roller kits. Some users buy maintenance kits with instruction manuals. Find it simple to use the same printer as long as you use the computer.

Laser printers are designed for long-term use in home and work offices. Getting the most out of your prints means researching the types of printers and buying the right one for your needs. Buy the laser device for your office and work smarter every time you need new prints. Visit West X Business Solutions to learn more information.

Demands for Cleaner Air Are Driving An Increase in the Industrial Bag Filter Market

The global bag filters industrial filters market is worth an estimated $10 billion dollars annually. It is expected to rise a steady 5 percent in future years due to the demands for cleaner air all around the world. Any industry that has been guilty of releasing large amounts of particulates into the air is being forced to take a look at methods of controlling the problem.

Shared Global Concerns for Clean Air and Water

One thing that many industrialized nations are trying to accomplish is an agreement to help keep the basic resources as unsoiled and usable as possible. Life is dependent on clean air and water to survive. It takes a combination of both to live, grow food for continued population and to have either of these seriously compromised can completely wreck the planet. Every country with heavy industry has a stake and responsibility in the protection of all resources.

Filters and Electrostatic Precipitators

Many industries have been dependent on removing particulates using a more expensive Electrostatic Precipitator method, but bag filter technology has made the switch easy and more cost-effective. The results are much better using the filter method. All industries participating are showing better results with emissions over time.

Heavy Industry Needs and Growth Potential

There are still a lot of industries and individual companies that have yet to experience the difference. The market growth will continue as more verified data shows that switching to bag filter technology is worth the investment. As guidelines get increasingly strict, the options to remain with older, less effective technology will fade. The real benefit is that the newer and better performing products cost much less. This means that the full transformation will not be a painful and costly one for any particular industry.

Cleaning Up the Energy Industry

Coal is still burned on a daily basis to create some of the electricity that is enjoyed by communities across the globe. The contributions to air pollution that are posed by particulate release from coal burning plants has been huge. Bag filter technology has evolved to help deal with this specific problem. It has already made the energy industry a cleaner and more environmentally responsible partner all across the world. Until cleaner forms of energy are evolved, bag filter technology is trying to stand in the gap and provide cleaner air for everyone.

Pulse Jet Bag Popularity

This year will see a steady rise in the popularity of jet bag industrial filters. They are the easiest and most effective to install. This new technology is being embraced by the pharmaceutical and food industries as much as the more rugged steel and energy producing fields. It provides a method that is all-inclusive in allowing every business to share in the responsibilities of keeping the planet clean.

Contact a bag filter specialist and see how this technology can have a positive impact for your business. The information found on the Fil-Trek Corporation website is useful to help you gain a better understanding.

Canadian Luxury homes


Anyone who’s reading this article is not doing so by mistake. Anyone who is reading this article is reading that because they have an interest in buying a luxury home in Canada. Why wouldn’t anyone want to live in Canada? Canada is one of the safest and cleanest nations in the world. Many people would like to live here but not many can. Luckily for you you have an opportunity to buy luxury home in Canada. There are many ways to go about looking for a luxury home in Canada and not always are equal. Check online options.

Some people might to hire a real estate agent or they might want to go at it alone. They might be stored on the go this way because of all of the resources that they can find on the internet. In many ways they are misled. They are misled because they think that the homes that they can find on the internet equals all of the real estate market. What they don’t realize is that there is a hidden market that they have no idea about. This is why people hire a real estate agent to help them find luxury homes in Canada. People who do not use a real estate agent to find their luxury home in Canada typically don’t get the best deal that they could and he don’t find the right home.

This is why we suggest to most people who are looking for a luxury home in Canada to start with the internet searches but to end with finding the right real estate agent. When you find the right agent your search for your perfect home will become a lot easier. It will become a lot easier because they actually know what they’re doing and finding homes is their job.

So at this point you should know that by noon luxury home Canada is sort of a full time job. It’s a fun full time job but you probably have something else to do professionally. You probably don’t have all the time in the day to look for the right home. You can start with real estate searches online but you’re not going to find every home that is available that you might fall in love with. This is why you should consult with the real estate agent to find your luxury home in Canada. It is the best way to go about it.

How to make your lanyards pop out!


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. In order to continue gaining new customers, you must continue to show what your business is capable of. Lanyards are one of the best ways to market a product or service. However, when many people make this product that do not do a great job of making it stand out. It is important to understand how to make your product stand out by taking a couple of easy steps to take it from normal to awesome. The following are some tips and tricks on making your lanyards stand out from the competition and appeal to customers.

Try Different Fonts

Although it sounds simple, many businesses use typical and ordinary fonts for their marketing efforts. With all of the different available fonts for free on the internet, there is no excuse to having a typical and easy to find font. For example, if you are a business that markets to schools or teachers there are chalkboard fonts available to use where it looks like the fonts was written on a chalkboard. Taking a simple step like this with your marketing can make a huge difference in how you stand out from the competition or how you appeal to customers.

Choose a Fun Color Scheme

Another fairly simple way to make your marketing stand out is to choose a fun color scheme. Marketing is something that needs to stand out to your customers, and choosing a boring and typical font is not the way to do that. At the end of the day, the purpose of a lanyard is to help your business get its name out there and stand out to the competition. There are many ways in which a color scheme for a lanyard can go along with the color scheme for your business. With all of the programs that are available today, there is no reason that your business should not have an exciting color scheme.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a lanyard is one of the best and most cost effective ways to market your business to potential customers and make it stand out from the competition. There are many ways that you can make your lanyards pop out, from fun fonts to different interactive color schemes. Marketing is essential for a business to survive, and putting the effort in on the front end will reap rewards on the back end.