How to Maximize the Benefits of Document Shredding Services

Document shredding is a veritable necessity in most business environments. You and your team may handle numerous confidential or sensitive documents each day, and you must dispose of them properly. Your business may be exposed to considerable liability if they are not properly disposed of, and paper shredding is the preferred method that many businesses use. Some will place a small do-it-yourself shredder in their office workroom, but this is often a time-consuming and ineffective solution. Many will invest in document shredding services. If you have decided to use professional data destruction services, you can consider these tips to maximize the benefits that the service provides to you.

Schedule Regular Pickups
Each service provider has a different collection method for you to use. Most will place a storage box in your facility. This is a secure, locked box that usually has a small portal for your employees to place documents in. The box will be collected, and the data inside will be destroyed. Some will collect the documents upon request, and this is cost-effective for some with very minimal document shredding needs. Others will benefit from scheduled services. This takes the time commitment out of the equation and ensures that the box is emptied regularly before it gets full.

Request the Right Size of Storage Box
The size of the storage box should be ideal for the amount of space available in your workroom, but it also needs to be sufficient for how much paper will be collected between scheduled pickups. Because needs vary significantly from one business to another, it is best to find a provider that offers multiple sizes to choose from. This gives you the improved ability to more easily find the right box for your needs and to adjust box sizes as desired if your needs change over time. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Shred-it.

Instruct Your Team on Proper Paper Shredding Practices
Document shredding is only effective if your team uses the service properly. Ideally, your team will be instructed thoroughly about which items need to be destroyed. Because you will pay based on volume in most cases, you understandably do not want to shred more than necessary. This means that your team should not get in the habit of shredding items that do not need to be destroyed and that can simply be placed in the trash can.

Document shredding service provides you with a fast, affordable way to get rid of private or sensitive documents. While you understandably want to set up service with an affordable company, the availability of box sizes and the ability to customize the pickup schedule are important as well. In addition, you also need to provide detailed instructions to your team regarding shredding in order to maximize the benefits of this service.

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