The Basics of the Office Laser Printer

Laser printers are found everywhere from homes to libraries and every other workplace in between. The machines work using laser beams and drum cylinders to produce high-quality prints, which include color images and black-and-white documents. Know the basic technical details about these printers before you make a purchase. Read common facts about the office laser printer and why it is so useful to your work life.


Speed is determined by the type of printer model and the complexity of the print job. The fastest laser printers, costing in the thousand-dollar range, print up to 10,000 pages an hour and are used by professional printers.


The prices for laser printers have decreased in the last few decades. The first models weighed more than 50 pounds, cost as high as $4,000 and produced only small, monochrome prints. Today, advanced printing technologies have made it easier to create laser printers on massive scales.

The cost of the printer depends on the print intensity because printing color graphics requires more energy than printing plain documents. Another factor is the frequency of usage or how many prints you plan to make every day or so. Also, consider the amount of paper you use and the cost of toner. Printers that allow duplex printing are likely to cut the costs of buying paper and toner. Duplex printers are slower and not found in all models.

Most office models are found in the range of $100 to $200, including the all-in-one models. Portable printers are found in similar cost ranges with the higher-end models costing up to $400. Overall, the costs are affordable and bring high returns on investment since most printers last for decades.


Buying used laser printers is not an issue because most models are long lasting. However, buying new is recommended because the features are more advanced in speed, print quality and efficiency. Many parts of this printer are easily replaceable from the toner to the fusers and roller kits. Some users buy maintenance kits with instruction manuals. Find it simple to use the same printer as long as you use the computer.

Laser printers are designed for long-term use in home and work offices. Getting the most out of your prints means researching the types of printers and buying the right one for your needs. Buy the laser device for your office and work smarter every time you need new prints. Visit West X Business Solutions to learn more information.

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