Tips for Your Real Estate Business: How to Market Effectively with Little Money

Over the last few years, marketing for real estate agents has changed dramatically. Prior to the days of the Internet, a real estate agent would rely on print, billboards and word-of-mouth for getting new clients. With the Internet, there’s another way to gain business without spending a ton of money like what’s required for print, radio or television advertising.

Website Creation
One of the easiest ways to create a website is to use the WordPress platform to publish it. While it’s tempting to use to host a free version of a website or blog for you, it’s not as professional as buying a domain for your business. You’ll be taken more seriously as a professional real estate agent if you have a website with your own address.

Build a Blog for Your Website
The best way to gain organic traffic to your site is by using a blog on your website. You’ll be able to publish regular posts with keywords that will help bring in traffic. Blogs will really boost the overall appeal of your website with search engines because the content changes regularly, and with the use of targeted SEO, your website can bring in directed traffic. A targeted audience will be more likely to contact your business.

Social Media Platforms and Connecting
Once you have your website and blog created, you can start directing people to that blog by linking to social media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great platforms for the real estate agent. In fact, many real estate agents find that YouTube works the best for their business. They’re able to create video tours, walk-throughs and advice to their clients in a platform that lends itself to the real estate market. Pinterest is also a great place to connect with potential clients.

It’s important to start building an email list of potential clients. When you have a property they’ll be interested in, sending them a newsletter is vital to getting a sale quickly. You might start adding to your list by providing readers with a free product they need. It could be a small ebook on how to get the most for their property, or how to stage their home to sell. The item should provide value to your readers and make them want to give you their email address.

A website, blog, social media accounts and a newsletter can all be done relatively inexpensively. All you need to do is spend your time creating a great website and making sure you’re connecting with readers in an impactful way. You can find more info at the Middlegate Funding website.

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