Top 5 Advantages of Implementing Smart Business Printers

Printing documents is a huge part of any business, from the smallest to big international companies. Without the proper controls, printing documents in your business can quickly become a huge expense, even a security concern. This includes leaving business-sensitive documents at the printer to old printers that can be hacked. The solution to your concerns is smart business printers backed by a proper print management system. While your printer looks and acts like a typical network printer, a smart printer offers you the following benefits.

1. Reduce Costs

In any office, people are terrible users of printers; step into any busy office, and you’re guaranteed to find bins full of discarded printed pages. This could be because a printing job was sent to the wrong printer, someone forgot to pick up his or her printout or because the printed job was the wrong one. Add to the matrix people who accidentally throw away printouts and your business printing costs soar.

Even as laser-printing costs drop, the waste found in medium-sized offices can quickly add up to thousands of dollars a year. That is not even taking into consideration the environmental costs. Educating users about what to and not print plus implementing default settings on all your printers can help reduce toner use. However, making the switch to smart business printers can make a bigger impact.

2. Better Security

Old network printers are vulnerable to hackers. Some hacks in the past involved getting printers to print out thousands of pages to denial of service. With smart printers, any user is required to identify him or herself, actually stopping hackers from overriding your system and forcing printouts. This is particularly important if you are implementing a Bring Your Own Device policy in your business because infected devices could be responsible for attacks. Smart printers help by adding an extra layer of security to your business systems.

3. Scanning to the Cloud

While photocopying is a standard function in many offices, smart business printers can scan your documents and automatically upload them to a cloud service or your email. Working with the resulting PDF file is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective compared to photocopying everything.

4. Energy Saving

Traditional printers use a good amount of power to print out a single page; however, innovations are now reducing this expense. Even as this happens, the time your network printer seats idle is costing your business a fortune. Smart printers have better standby modes that automatically send the machine to a deep sleep mode when it’s not needed.

5. Log In to Print

One of the biggest advantages of smart printers is that your users need to be logged in to accomplish any print jobs. This means that for any printing job to be physically carried out, a user will be required to be standing in front of the printer to authorize it.

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